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Beef Magazine Nov 25, 2020

Meanwhile, other issues are also important to beef producers

Yes, there is more going on in the world than election hangover. Here’s a look.

There are some things going on—or supposed to be going on—in Washington and other places, other than election turmoil.

Congress must do something about a spending bill before the expiration of the Continuing Resolution on Dec. 11. The Democrats have indicated they want a bill that will carry the government through Fiscal Year 2021, ending Sept. 30. The debt ceiling was suspended two years ago until July 2021.

The Democrats have since come down to $2.5 trillion in spending but still including nearly $1 trillion in dollars to highly indebted state and local governments. They also want higher state income tax deductibility for states with high tax rates. Republicans have opposed those two provisions and some simply oppose so much new spending.

Another COVID relief bill has been talked about since the summer but still languishes. The Democrats started out demanding a $3.5 trillion bill, which the both the Republican leadership and rank and file opposed as too expensive and populated with things irrelevant to the coronavirus’ impact.

The chances of another COVID relief bill at all have cycled up and down, depending on the perceived health of the economy, COVID case numbers and election year politics. A lot now will depend on whether House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to do a bill or not.

The Democrats lost at least 15 seats in the House, meaning they will have less leverage in the Congress next year but still hold a majority. The balance of power in the Senate will at least lessen for Republicans in the next Congress and could, if both Georgia Senate seats go to the Democrats on Jan. 5, meaning Sen. Chuck Schumer would likely become Senate Majority Leader. The odds are, in Georgia, that the Republicans will win at least one of those seats but people and money from both parties are flowing into the state.

Many Democrats have expressed the desire to overhaul America's agricultural production system and if they had both Houses of Congress and the Presidency, some significant changes to our food production...


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