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AFF Sentinel V20 #55 - Helping Keep You Prepared for the Challenges Ahead

A Good Army or Movement Needs Info and Inspiration

Steve Dittmer | AFF Sentinel

Colorado Springs, CO

Originally sent to subscribers 11/29/23

USDA doesn’t like our present cattle marketing system. They’ve bankrolled a fleet of state attorneys general to find fault with it. They’ve enlisted anti-trust crusaders to “study” it and use an anti-free market economist to help them.

Our federal government wants to continually take control of our lives and business away from the local and state level and do all the “enlightened” central planning from Washington.

A new book on Milton Friedman holds that the American economic and political fabric created by free market economics, individual liberty and global cooperation has “cracked apart.” We don’t think it has cracked apart -- but there are certainly cracks, created by those who do not understand what has made, and continues to make, America the greatest country in history. But like any complex piece of machinery, it needs care, maintenance and action from its citizens to survive and prosper.

Nearly every day some legislator, government agency, court or do-gooder activist strives to add prohibitions, take away tools or add mandates  -- making it more difficult for cattlemen to operate, prosper and pass on the family operation. Our industry system is not perfect but it has created a supply of the highest quality, safest and affordable beef in the world.

Other challenges are ones we’ve fought off and on for years.

At AFF, we strive to alert you to threats and challenges, reveal hidden or malevolent agendas and suggest things you can do to fight back.

It is a never-ending task but one we do gladly and enthusiastically, monitoring daily economic and political developments.

Your cattlemen’s groups are essential in fighting and lobbying for you in state and national capitols. But because they deal with legislators directly, they must be more diplomatic to preserve their standing.

We, on the other hand, do not have to be diplomatic. We can call a spade a spade.

Or, as one affiliate CEO said, “AFF says what we would like to say but can’t!”

Andrew Breitbart said politics follows culture. And our culture has drifted, nay, bolted, far from the principles and culture that made America -- and American agriculture -- the finest in the world.

We need constantly to represent our industry, to remind the country that our Constitution and our free-market system is the foundation of our country.

There are indications we’re making progress. Companies are backing off ESG priorities, going back to running their business for profit. Outlandish climate change projects are being scaled back or cancelled. Now, some 4,000 car dealers asked President Biden to back off his gas-powered car and truck phase out. The normal 90-day inventory time for cars has ballooned to 12-16 months for EVs on dealer lots that no one wants.

But we need your support to be able to continue the task. Our increasing readership percentages tell us you’re concxerned.

Please consider a contribution --  an investment really --  in the future of our industry and our country by supporting Agribusiness Freedom Foundation.

We even added a new link button to make it easier online or you can use the old link -- whichever works for you. We cash checks too, sent to Agribusiness Freedom Foundation, P.O. Box 88179, Colorado Springs, CO 80908.

Thanks to all who contributed already, to further the belief in all of us that a better future lies ahead -- if we fight for it.

To contribute to AFF, click link below:

(Old link is in column at right.)

Edi. Note: Picture below courtesy beef Check off).


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