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AFF Sentinel V20#47-Grow Up and Start Fixing Things

This Is A Chance for Republicans to Prove Their Mettle

Steve Dittmer | AFF Sentinel

Colorado Springs, CO

Originally sent to subscribers 10/16/23

We’re not sure which is crazier, the Republican House members overthrowing their Speaker during major budget negotiations and government shutdowns looming or anyone agreeing to be Speaker with only one member able to move to declare the office of speaker vacant.

But here we are, if you vote Republican. And a war between Hamas and Israel has added to the urgency of the Republicans waking up to the importance of the endgame, not personality clashes or petty grievances. We send people to Congress to get things done, not act like high schoolers conducting popularity contests for Prom King and Queen.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is up for election as House Speaker. Jordan is a demonstrated conservative on key issues like spending, the border, regulations, opposing energy restrictions and certainly, holding the denizens of D. C. accountable. Yet some “moderate” Republicans, supposedly opposed to more spending, an open border, more government regulations and restrictions, are saying they won’t vote for Jordan because he is a member of the Freedom Caucus. That’s the caucus that has demanded aggressive moves against the very things the Republicans are supposed to oppose as a conference.

As Dan Bongino repeats constantly, there are no Democrats in Washington that are really Republicans but there are many Republicans who are really Democrats. We might add, who are really Democrat adolescents. This Speaker ruckus is a perfect example.

As if House members’ inability to grow up and get a Speaker elected hasn’t been frustrating and embarrassing enough, there are rumors that some “moderate” Republicans are talking to Democrats to find out what concessions they would require to work with some Republicans to elect a speaker.

Members of Congress are not sent there by voters -- remember this is a democratic Republic -- a representative republic, in which the legislative body is to conduct important business, to get overriding results for the good of the citizens of the United States of America. They are not sent there -- and the Senate has proven worse in this regard -- to join some exclusive club, conduct popularity contests, join cliques, jockey for TV time and mostly strive to accumulate power and Washingtons version of prestige.

We have no qualms in suggesting you ask your representative to vote for Jordan.  He is literally a roll-up-your-sleeves conservative who is conscious of what he’s there to do and for whom he works.

Incidentally, Steve Moore is willing to put up the funds to buy Jordan a blazer, or at least score one at Goodwill -- but only for meetings at the White House with the President.  Shirtsleeves the rest of the time. Larry Kudlow has promised to present the jacket on his TV show like presenting a Master’s jacket at Augusta if Jordan becomes Speaker.

Seriously, this nation is at a momentous precipice, where it needs to cut spending and reduce the deficit; close a border that is an open conduit for drugs, criminals and terrorists; reverse an energy policy costing everyone huge problems in household budgets and billions of dollars in the aggregate and build up our defense against the enemies of our country. We cannot afford to squander this time in November and end up with another disgusting, bloated, pernicious omnibus spending bill that could push us over the edge.

The House Republicans will be meeting Monday night for discussions and likely voting Tuesday and more. Contact your member of the House if you are tired of this charade.

Contact info for House members:

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