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AFF Sentinel V20#41-Finding Ways to Spend -- Or Not

Complex Political Sort to Play Out in Washington Very Soon

Steve Dittmer | AFF Sentinel

Colorado Springs, CO

Originally sent to subscribers 09/10/23

Political pundit Dan Bongino has a “rule” to inform voters’ understanding of what goes on in Washington D.C.

That rule or truism is this: there are lots of Republicans who are really Democrats but no Democrats that are really Republicans.

It looks like there are some maneuverings in Washington coming up that could illustrate that theory in ways having nasty consequences out in the country.

In D.C., anyone who wants to cut federal government spending is labeled by the Democrats and the general media as “extremist” or “radical” or “right-wing extremist.” So they term the members of the Freedom Caucus in the House Republican party that way.

But of course, those Freedom Caucus members tend to be more akin in philosophy to the common sense, average taxpayer/voter trying to hold together a household budget these days.

That’s despite President Biden’s mantra that “Everything is beautiful.”

Did you hear that Biden told the G20 gathering that he thought it would be great to take Bidenomics worldwide?

The far left of the political herd is well known for their belief that they should never let a crisis go to waste, as in, use it to further left wing, big government goals. If there isn’t a crisis or “emergency,” then make one up to further the agenda.

The Republicans, prodded by the conservative Freedom Caucus, put pressure on leadership to get some cost cutting measures during the debt ceiling fight. Of course, that means the Democrats have to figure out how to get around those voted in restrictions to spend more money now.

Their tool this time is a “supplemental” package for emergency disaster aid, Ukraine aid and border security. Beware that word “package.” That always means there is more to the eye -- and the pocketbook -- than they’re telling. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer wants to toss a skunk into the middle of the Republican caucus of conservatives, moderates and RINOs and watch them scatter, abandoning spending restraint negotiated in the debt ceiling bill, fighting amongst themselves.

The Democrats already have gotten their billions in green new deal subsidies and their $80 billion IRS cash infusion. Now, FEMA is running out of money and rather than take some money out of an already record budget, they want more. The original supplemental figure has already ballooned to $40 billion, with “progressive” lawmakers parading additional requests for more climate change money, money to aid illegal border crossers and new child care funding. And evidently Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is no help, willing to support a big package.

Speaking of illegal border crashers, instead of offering to reimburse Texas for gas money for the busloads they are sending to sanctuary cities, the Biden administration is reportedly trying to figure out a way to keep the illegals in Texas. Something about putting ankle bracelets on thousands of illegals so they can what? Send a posse after them when the satellite says they have left the state? Does it look at all political that Biden is trying to punish the state that has fought back --- and suffered the most --  from the flood of illegals?

A columnist recently pointed out that the chaos Schumer is fomenting could seriously damage the Republicans’ credibility in professing a desire to cut spending, reduce inflation and narrow the deficit. Besides frittering away the spending restraint won in the debt ceiling bill, there is another danger. Jam the House, prod the spending hardliners and they might sull up and refuse to pass the 12 appropriations bills House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is trying to get through regular order. He doesn’t want some monstrous Christmas Eve omnibus. A spending hardliner freeze could blow up any attempt at a Continuing Resolution (CR) to avoid a government shutdown Sept. 30 (“Biden Plays Disaster Politics,” Wall Street Journal, 09/08/2023).

Guess who would get the blame for a shutdown?

You see, the debt ceiling bill set some new rules. If Congress doesn’t pass the 12 appropriations bills by Sept. 30, discretionary accounts (including the military) are “subject” to a one percent cut [what does subject mean?). And if McCarthy does not make serious efforts to hold down spending, remember that a single House member can forward a motion to vacate the chair.

And you thought chess could get complicated?

The Journal column, by noted D.C. observer Kimberley Strassel, notes McCarthy is trying to wangle a short-term CR to get enough time to run the supplemental components through committee in regular order, as they should be.

Schumer is betting McCarthy can’t get all his stubborn mules and wild horses rounded up to accomplish all this. But McCarthy did wrestle a debt ceiling bill through, even if it wasn’t everything conservatives wanted. It was a significant victory.

But as another pundit pointed out, the House has to get these spending bills through. Otherwise, Schumer will craft something huge in the free spending Senate and send it over to the House. With time bearing down on them, the danger is that the House will go along with such a bad deal and the progressive, big government spenders will have won again.

As Strassel counseled, the Republicans need to stick together again to stop another spending blowout. You can pass that sentiment on to your members of Congress.

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